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Sarah Howard

Your Connétable for Grouville

I am seeking election as your Connétable. Changes to the electoral system make the role of Connétable even more important in the next 4 year period. We no longer have Senators with Island wide mandates or Deputies attached to Parishes.


There has been a failure of accountability, transparency and trust in the political system. Reliance has been placed on bought in experts at great cost, with little sympathy for, or commitment to, the Island. Politicians, civil servants and consultants must be held to account, both for what has happened in the immediate past, and on an ongoing basis. Solutions must place greater reliance on local ability, people and institutions.


The Connétable is your Parish voice in the States Chamber. From my community experience, I recognise the power of Parish Assemblies. I will use them to hear your views on the most important topics including population policy, housing and our hospital. I will listen, shape and present your views and vote accordingly.


I am not standing as a member of a political party nor have ambitions to be a Minister. I am dedicated to represent the Parish community as a whole. In these times of crisis we need to work together and respond to the challenges we face. Entrust me with your vote and together we will work towards solutions.

Your Voice, Our Parish Community, Our Island



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Collaborative decisions



  • Controlling rates expenditure.

  • Your Parish four year strategy.

  • Annual Parish planning.

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  • Safer routes for walkers, cyclists and riders.

  • Giving effect to our community's vision.

  • Expanding the network of Green Lanes.

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Keeping Grouville special

  • Protecting Grouville wetlands.

  • Maintaining a legacy for future generations.

  • Supporting parish farmers.

  • Annual carbon reporting.

  • More Parish Assemblies.

  • Improving accessibility in attending & voting

  • Your collective voice in the States Assembly. 


About Me

Chartered Accountant | Teacher | Executive Leadership, Well-being & Embodiment Coach

Having lived in Grouville for nearly 35 years, bringing up my two daughters here with my partner, Arie, I have a deep affinity for the Parish. Born in, educated and working all my post university life in Jersey, I have over 30 years' experience as a Chartered Accountant in both private & public sectors, most recently running my own businesses.


I have led large teams, been responsible for reporting and planning on complex revenue budgets of more than £200million and capital projects of up to £500million. My roles have included being in senior leadership positions in the Finance Industry, Education & Health & Community Services. I have been fortunate to lead, experience and influence change to, and be involved in, a wide spectrum of Jersey life.


Through my Parish & Community work, I have shown that I can apply my experiences and skills to the Environment and Community. Everything we do produces carbon. Therefore we need to reconsider the way we do everything. 

   Professional               Caring               Leadership            


My Experience

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I worked as the Assistant Director of Finance in Health & Community Services for 11 years. Responsible for managing a team of more than 20 people. We delivered annual and medium-term financial planning, financial management and reporting of the department’s performance against its budget of circa £200m.

My final 6 years with Health & Community Services involved delivering long term financial planning for modernisation programmes specifically Mental Health Strategy, Acute Service Strategy and Workforce Modernisation; which were meant to be the foundations for transformation of healthcare.


Implementation of change requires skilled leadership, a clear vision, excellent communication and flatter organisation structures. Jersey has a unique opportunity to be the vanguard of sustainable change.



In the last 3 years I have been an Executive Leadership Coach, for clients located in Jersey and London. My clients are women in senior leadership roles, who are responsible for innovative change.

As a qualified teacher of adults, I have experience teaching and facilitating change for professionals. With a passion for continual personal and professional development, I have qualifications in psychology, mindfulness, and embodiment practices. I use these skills with clients to manage and moderate their responses to change.


Women bring different skill sets and diversity to decision making. I hope that the next States Chamber has a more balanced representation of men and women.

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Within the Parish in the last 3 years, I led the development of a strategy for Grouville to support the achievement of carbon neutrality.


There is a Grouvillais way of getting things done. We are a small conservative, courteous and respectful community. The diverse range of voices in our community are helpful in finding new solutions to complex problems.

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Implementation of the carbon neutrality strategy was initiated by Connétable John Le Maistre, and is being developed across all Parishes under the leadership of Connétable Andy Jehan of St John.


When parishioners collaborate, they co-create a vision for the whole community. Flatter group structures with partnerships that use the best of different talents and experiences empower individuals and result in quicker implementation of change.

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I have played a leading role in collaboration with other Parishioners in envigorating historic democratic processes through the Parish Assemblies. Attendances of more than 200 parishioners were recorded for the contested Roads Committee election and the recent successful Requēte which contributed to amendments to the Island Bridging Plan, in particular to preserving Grouville’s important wetlands.


Jersey has a unique and historic process of democracy. The Connétable is the voice of the Parish community within the States Chamber. Parish Assemblies empower parishioners. The new electoral system divorces the Deputy from the Parish and removes the Island wide mandate. This places more responsibility on and empowers the Comité des Connétable in the next 4 year period. There is a window of opportunity to reinvigorate the role of  Connétable, Parish & democracy, including the possible re-introduction of an Island wide mandate. 


My strengths


  • Exploring Possibilities - developing concepts, applying theories & identifying underlying principles

  • Providing Insights - making continuous improvement, identifying key issues, & making intuitive judgments

  • Examining Information - processing information, asking probing questions & finding solutions

  • Understanding People - showing empathy, listening to people & understanding motivation

  • Developing Strategies - forming strategies, anticipating trends & envisaging the future

  • Generating Ideas - producing ideas, inventing approaches & adopting radical solutions

  • Challenging Ideas - questioning assumptions, challenging established views & arguing from a new perspective

  • Convincing People - persuading others, shaping opinions & negotiating


My Undertakings 


  • Together we will reinvigorate democracy through the use of Parish Assemblies to discuss the most important issues.

  • Accessibility in attending & voting at Parish Assemblies will be improved.

  • Your collective voice will be reflected in the States Assembly. 

  • Together we will listen to the needs of the older generation, young people and the most vulnerable in our community.

  • Together we will work with the roads committee to make our Parish safer for walkers, cyclists and riders.

  • The municipality will control the costs of the Parish and report on the efficiency and effectiveness of expenditure.

  • Together we will produce a 4 year strategy which represents the voice of our community on what you feel are the most important issues.  

  • Together we will produce an annual plan for the Community.

  • Together we will work to protect our Grouville wetlands for future generations.

  • The municipality will report annually on the carbon footprint of the Parish.

  • Together we will find solutions to the most difficult problems in our community and across the Island.

Together we can make the right decisions


I am a good listener. I am receptive and compassionate about the difficulties of life and changes it brings. Entrust me with your vote and I promise to reflect and act upon your voice both in the Parish and States Assembly. Together we will thrive.  

I need to hear from you.

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